Today's Tournaments

Location(Click for details) Address From Indy Game Format Start Time
Bubbaz Bar & Grill 824 Edwards Drive SouthWest 8-Ball Singles 8:30pm
Dear John's Pub 7941 E. 30th Street East 8-Ball Singles 7:30pm
Grove Sports Bar 3206 s Emerson SouthEast 8-Ball Singles 7:30pm
The TALLY HO pub 502 N. 19TH ST East 8-Ball Singles 7:00pm

Weekly Tournaments

Location(Click for Details) Address From Indy Day Game Format Start Time
 IMPERIAL LANES  400 North 3rd st West Sunday 9-Ball Singles 2:00pm
 Kip's  9546 Allisonville Road North Sunday 8-Ball Singles 6:00pm
 The Corner Pocket  1028 W. South St. East Sunday Multi Singles 6:00pm
 The RYNO ROOM  511 N. Washington St. North Sunday 9-Ball Singles 3:00pm
 Bubbaz Bar & Grill  824 Edwards Drive SouthWest Monday 8-Ball Singles 8:30pm
 Dear John's Pub  7941 E. 30th Street East Monday 8-Ball Singles 7:30pm
 Grove Sports Bar  3206 s Emerson SouthEast Monday 8-Ball Singles 7:30pm
 The TALLY HO pub  502 N. 19TH ST East Monday 8-Ball Singles 7:00pm
 Kts Pub  120 N. Perry Rd. West Tuesday 8-Ball Singles 8:00pm
 The Beach  107 Broadway SouthEast Tuesday 8-Ball Singles 6:30pm
 Jake's Mecca Cafe  105 N. State st North Thursday 8-Ball Singles n/a
 10th Street Pub  10050 E. 10th St East Friday 8-Ball Singles 8:30pm

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